6 Key Interior Wall Art Design 2020: Rustic Wall Art

2020 may be one of the hardest years for us. As the pandemic has spread all over the world and we are instructed to stay at home until they are over, why don’t we create something useful, like creating and rearranging our home with rustic wall art that is on trend? Change our home does not mean change the furniture as they need lots of money. Changing the wall art is simply the fastest and easiest way to change the look of our home. Add some new posters and arts or framed prints and you will find your place completely revamp.

In this year, there are some key interior wall art trends:

1. Line-drawn Face

Source: Pinterest.com

This abstract art has been popular since 2019 and it keep coming this year. They can be applied not only for wall but also for towels, cushions, vases. But most effect can be seen if they are as a framed piece of art. This art may be good for modern home design but it also works balanced in rustic one. Just play with rustic wooden frame to build as one.

2. Biophilic

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The biophilic design is not only popular for a wall art but for being applied in the home design, like bathroom, living room, and others. 2020 is a year of green. Without getting maximum changes, you can adopt this biophilic design via pictures and artworks. Choose the natural and green themes, such as flowers, natural landscapes, greenery, plants, and so on. They create a connection directly to the natural environment and easy to reduce the stress level.

3. Maps and Locations

Source: it.cozyoucan.com

This one is giving you a more personal and sentimental feeling to the surrounding. Maps and locations as a wall art reflects who we really area and the experiences in life we have been through.

4. Japandi

Source: etsy.com

This is one of the most wanted trend this year. Japandi is an Eastern-influenced print with Nordic aesthetic. The characteristic of this art is its monochromatic palette combined with the traditional Eastern influence and symbolism.

5. The Body

Source: Pinterest.com

This trend is simply flexible, as it can be traditional oil paintings, color-blocked shapes or hand-drawn sketches. Since we are speaking of rustic wall art, then the traditional oil paintings should be considered more than any others.

6. Sweary And Edgy

Source: Pinterest.com

This wall art is inspired by the current political issue, like Trump, climate change and Brexit. This is a wall art that is usually adorned by young renters to express their feelings towards those issues with a slightly comedic undercurrent.



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