6 Simple Tricks to Reorganize Your Bathroom Storage Cabinet by Professionals

Bathroom is just essential for the well-being of everyone’s daily life. And, besides kitchen, bathroom is a spot to be easily messed up during the morning rush. We may easily find the tangled cords, half-used bath bottles, toothpaste clumps, and so on.

It is the time to clean and organize your bathroom storage cabinet and reclaim the wasted space. So, here we go:


1. Clear Up The Bathroom Storage Cabinet

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To make everything clear, visible and neat, you should store similar loose items together in some clear jars or storage containers. You should not purchase the brand new items, just find something you have already had in the house.

2. Use Your Vertical Space

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Remember that you have four walls to take advantage from. (1) Do something with hooks to hang headbands, hair ties, and towels; (2) Vertical tiered trays. Store daily products and makeup in there so they are accessible; (3) Small floating shelves. Install these features next to the toilet or by the bathroom door; (4) Decorative jars and baskets. They will enhance the beauty while storing things.

3. Hack The Space Of Your Bathroom Storage Cabinet

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If you are living in a home or apartment with small closet space, you should do some clever hacks to store all toiletries and bathroom supplies. One of the most useful hack is placing the baskets under the sink. Everything is well organized in a basket and you can pull it out and in easily. Make a DIY containers that taste and look better.

4. Edit The Makeup Supplies

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Group similar items together so they are much easier to find. Recheck your makeup supplies and decide which one you like and use the most. For example, if you have five brushes, keep the ones you like and toss the rest. Furthermore, daily makeup should be kept in one bin so it will be easily to get ready in the morning rush.

5. Tiered Organizers

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By having these ones, you will easier to sort, categorize and see what you really have on bathroom storage cabinet. This is kind of less-stress organizers as you do not need to spend more minutes to search for something you need.

6. Move From Countertops To Drawers

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It is not recommended to store makeup in the countertops as they will contribute to easily clutter. Instead, replace your toiletries and makeup in a silverware tray and place it inside a drawer. The materials or shape of the tray refers to your personal taste.



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