6 Smart DIY Garden Décor to Heal the Year of 2020

Most of us love nature. Living balanced with nature is so much relaxing and stress free. Seeing the flowers, beautiful trees and green grass helps reducing our stress level. That is a reason why we need to put green plants or flowers in our house and office, both inside and outdoor. DIY garden decor is here to provide some ideas what are on trends this year about garden. These ideas are not only for people having a large garden but a small one is counted either.

DIY garden decor will give you a beautiful view of your garden from your windows. The following ideas are the examples of a garden decor for every size, whether it is small, medium or big. The following ideas are focused on the decorations that can be done with the help of tree, flowers, grass, and so many natural features.

1. A Lovely Barrel

Source: Pinterest.com

Take your time to paint a pair of barrels as a cute couple. One barrel is painted in pink as a woman with the sign of love and blush on its face, while another is painted as a cool man smiling at her. The flowers are growing as their hair. Complete the look by adding two umbrellas on each side. It must be beautiful and romantic.

2. A Simple Maze

Source: captiva.isimisi.com

You need more effort and money to create a maze like this idea. The classic English maze may inspire you but in the smaller size.

3. A Pair of Flower Scales

Source: denygi-bezproblem.online

Be the agent of justice. Be creative and grow some flowers on each side of the scales. You would really love how the black steel materials are combined with beautiful yet colorful flowers.

4. Small Colorful Barrels

Source: homepiez.com

Hang some small colorful barrels on the power pole next to your garden. Each barrel should be painted in different motives and colors, as well as the painting growing inside them.

5. Love Stone

Source: seattlemet.com

Build one or more loved stones using cement. Fill them with small greeneries or grass so they won’t go outside the stone. This arrangement is great for a small garden. Sometimes they look like a terracotta.

6. Repurposed Trolley

Source: thesmalleststep.com

DIY garden decor is about repurposing something old to be a new one for a different cause. This old trolley can be put in the garden, in every spot. Grow some flowers and you will enjoy the blooms during the upcoming spring. This is really appealing as you won’t keep your eyes off of it.



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