7 Entry Way Ideas: The Lightings every High-End Residential Should Have

The entryway defines your entire home design, at least for the very first impression. To create a memorable impression, one feature to consider is the lighting. The lighting fixtures are more than to illuminate the entryway but also delivering every element on it. And here, we want to talk about how a high-end residential should have the right lighting as one of the most favorable entry way ideas.

1. The Scale

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Scale is a priority while choosing a lighting fixture. Should it be a single-height space or double-height? Do you have mirrors or art there? How is it furnished? And what is your visual cues to make your guest move into the next room? Answers these questions as they will lead to your dream lighting fixtures.

2. Look At Your Interior Style

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A welcoming first impression can be got not only from the right lighting but also from the entire interior style. But commonly, the ones giving a sign hospitality and warmth are warm-colored temperature lamps, such as halogen and incandescent.

3. Think Of Aesthetic and Function You Disposition In Mind

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Entry way ideas have no specific rules about certain problems require a scone, a pendant, a lamp, or so on. Since every lighting fixture provides different function and beauty. It means, you have to be able to humanize a space. For example, if you like something with human-scale element, then a table and floor lamp will be your better choice. Or you can incorporate the accent lightings for both visual hierarchy and contrast.

4. The Common Choice

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Modern and traditional entryway will work better with pendants. The details will be your own preference as there are various styles and design of pendants in the market.

5. A Long And Narrow Entry Way

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This is not exact rule, but for a long and narrow entry way, it will look prettier if you install the decorative ceiling lights that repeat, or wall washers/ double wall washers that are installed on both walls. This is kind of lighting fixtures to give character to your entry way. On the contrary, there is also a saying that a long and narrow entry way needs something dramatic, and it can be reached by installing the pressed glass pendant, round pendant light or square pendant light.

6. An Entry Way With Tall Ceilings

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The entry way ideas for this case are to hang multiple lighting fixtures at varying heights.

7. An Entry Way With a Low Ceiling

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On the opposite, a low ceiling entry way needs dynamism without drawing attention to this lowness factor, such as the Link Quintuple ceiling light.



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