7 Smart Patio Decor Tricks by Professional Designers

An attractive outdoor space provide beyond beauty. It gives you more outdoor space to enjoy the nature and do whatever you want with a fresh of mind, such as working, reading, and so on. This time, we want to give some patio decor ideas and tricks by the designers. This trick will be including shopping for patio furniture, optimizing the small-sized spaces and using color.

1. Bring The Indoor Outdoor

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It means let your personal touch flowing in your outdoor space so they create such a cohesive house. This step can be done by bringing the comfortable yet stylish rug out to enjoy the scenery when the weather is bright. More indoor furniture and accessories can be moved outside as well, such as votive or lanterns, throw blankets, greenery and framed photos.

2. Mix and Match Materials

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Do not be afraid to mix and match different furniture and fabric for patio decor, the same way you can do for your interior. The bright colors will be best to be put outdoor, along with bright patterns and accents of various pillows. This mix and match thing will define your patio as the real you, the taste of you, and no one follows.

3. Outdoor Curtains

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This feature provides more privacy so you can enjoy your moment freely. By installing the curtains, you create another room at home, just like the ones inside. This is what we call as a semi-enclosed space.

4. Be Careful Of The Scale

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It is okay to put big-sized items in your little patio, such as big plants, oversized pillows, big sofa, and others. The hint you choose the right scale is by choosing just a few large items.

5. The Custom Zones

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Though patio has smaller space, but it can be spilled up into different functions, such as drinking, eating, relaxing and entertaining. You can create this custom zones by installing the grilling station, dining area, and a seating area.

6. Natural Materials

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Such as the combinations of wood, rattan, ceramic, concrete, glass and metal will create a natural vibe around your patio.

7. Lighting is Key

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If you have completely an open patio, you should choose indoor-outdoor lamps around your patio.

Creating the right patio decor is like building your own private sanctuary outside your home. This is about how to find the right features to bring the great ambiance. Everyone should have their own cozy time, especially while the sun is bright. We need to touch the fresh air in the open air for our mental health.



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