8 Low Cost DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame Idea for Around $25

A framed mirror enhances the beauty of a bathroom. It creates harmony to the surrounding. In this article, we want to give an idea of low cost DIY bathroom project about $25 and needs around four hours to complete. It is a framed bathroom mirror that we will discuss about in here.

Before starting this easy project, prepare some tools:

Pocket screw jig,15-gauge and 18-gauge finish nailer, Table saw, Miter saw, Bit driver or drill, Air compressor, Level, Tape measure, Framing square, Stud finder, Dust mask, Safety glasses, Ear plugs, Work gloves.

The materials you need are:

  • 24’ 1×4 cedar sanded one side
  • Wood glue
  • Four coarse thread pocket screws
  • Caulk
  • Paint or stain

Start this DIY bathroom project by following these guidance:

1. Make A Plan

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Measure the size of your existing mirror. Make sure you have the right proportion between the existing mirror and the frame. If you consider to use cedar as the frame material, then the ideal is at least ¾” thickness, including the ornate trims. If you mirror has already mounted on the wall, you just need to make a floating frame (that does not have to attach to the mirror). Leave at least 2” of wood material to the outside of the frame. This method will make them join properly.

2. Cut The Frame

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This step is done after finding out the frame dimension. You should cut each side 1” longer than the final size you want. Measure the thickness of your existing mirror. This step is using a table saw.

3. Remove Notch

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You need to reverse the settings of your saw to remove the remaining notch.

4. Miter The Corner Of The Frame

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This step is using a miter saw to cut each end at 45 degree angle. To measure each piece, you need to do it from tip to tip.

5. Join The Pieces Together

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This step is using a pocket-hole jig. Do drilling a screw hole in each side of the pieces.

6. Glue The Pieces Together

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Put the pieces on a flat surface. You should always make sure that every corner is clean and tight. After all are clear, start gluing each face and joining with a coarse thread pocket screw. This step needs to be waited to dry until at least two hours.

7. Finishing Touch

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After the glue has dried, it is the time to do the finishing touch. If you prefer a white wash to show off the beauty of natural cedar you use, you can apply any white paint and wipe back using a wet rag. The wiping method depends on the tone you desire.

8. Mount Your Frame

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Your existing mirror may have some sort of retainer at the top. So, please be careful with this thing, such as by dabbing a small amount of caulk between the wall and your existing mirror, the mirror and the strap, and then tighten the screw lightly.



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