10 Scented DIY Candle Holders Using Materials Available at Home

DIY candle holders are not that difficult nor expensive to make. There are some easy ideas you can follow as a beginner. As we all may know, candle holders play a significant role to create a tablespace. The look and scented candles can easily boost your tablespace decor appreciably. In this article, we will give you some DIY candle holders using natural materials and something that you can find easily at home, such as mason jars, cinnamon sticks, soap, confetti, glass bottles, and others.

The reason why we need candle in this modern era where the electricity has been growing in all parts of the world are:

Add an Extra Light

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This is a fact that people still recall of a light: a source of light. Candles will provide extra light while the electricity is off, dinner party, and so on.

Provide Romantic Vibe

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Since you are planning to create a romantic dinner, candle is nothing to be left behind. Moreover if you find a perfect decoration, so would deny having a candle light dinner with you?

Add Warmth

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Overhead glaring light can be replaced with this decorated candle.

So, here are some DIY candle holders you should know and copy:

Glass Bead Candle Holder

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The materials you need are a glass bowl, beads and a candle. Arrange the materials the way you like. For example, gluing the beads around the glass bowl. The beads’ colors can be chosen according to your preference, whether to make them look colorful or monotone.


Orange Candle Holder

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Mix orange peel that is embellished with cloves. Can you imagine how scent you will get? This one is providing a relaxing aromatherapy, so you can light them on on your daily basis at the dinner with family.


Pine Cone Candle Holder

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This idea is about arranging the pine cones around a rectangular glass vase. Finish the look by tying the cones using a rope. It gives you rustic scented candle.


Confetti Candle Holder

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The materials you need are some small glass bowls that are filled with confetti, put the candle in the middle of it. This idea is perfect for some celebrations.


Vintage Tin Candle Holder

Source: cherrycommission.org

If you have plenty of cute vintage tins, create one candle holder. It would be fun as you don’t need other decorations.


Mason Jar Candle Holder

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Complete the look by adding myriad fall leaves. This arrangement is perfect for dinner with family or friends during Fall.



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