4 Maximizing the Kids Storage Ideas with Less Effort and Budget

In kids’ rooms, there might a big mess coming from books, toys and school supplies. No matter how many you clean and store them up, they keep coming their way endlessly. Luckily, there have been clever kids storage ideas that you can apply to even avoid a single sweat to drop while cleaning their room. Keep scrolling down to find out more.

1. Toy Storage

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Install some tall shelf with the right size. The tall one will get easier to accommodate larger toys, and the right size will provide easiness to take things out. In this first step, you need to use everything for storage system, such as baskets, shelves, bins, hampers, etc. Continue with labelling them (if your kids do not able to read, use picture labels). Sort the old and broken toys and throw them away. For smaller pieces, you need to buy a toy box with internal organization or at least you add a zip top bag so they won’t fall and lost.

2. Kids’ Wardrobe

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A child’s wardrobe also easily become such disastrous. Somehow, it is easier to handle this one. You just need to install a second rod in the closet, which is a couple of feet below the top rod. This hanging organizer will help you maximizing the storage vertically. Sort things off. Think the items that are on daily basis and store them nice and low so they are reachable. On the other hand, the seasonal items should be put in the top of the closet.

3. Coral Art and School Supplies

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Kids storage ideas are not only providing more space to store items but to create a more comfortable space to do crafts or homework. This step, you need a plastic storage bin or art caddy for storing supplies. Anything make your kids comfortable to toss their supplies in and easier to carry and go every time your kids need to do a project at other part of the home, such as at a kitchen accompanying you, etc. Purchase a regular sized desk and an adjustable chair, so your child will grow with it. The vertical shelving are other great ideas to store supplies that are rarely used so they are out of your kid’s reach.

4. Extra Space

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Speaking of kids’ bedroom, there are endless toys and supplies that are coming back. Install a reachable vertical storage to keep them in reach. Furthermore, slide containers under the bed to store toys individually.



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