5 Characteristics of Master Bathroom Ideas on Trend 2020

Master bathroom ideas in this 2020 are covering the features, like prints, textures, patterns, finishes and styles. This hottest inspiration hopefully gets you a new idea how to start remodeling or building a master bathroom for your home.

1. Black Rules The Color Trend

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The first thing is we need something bolder and darker this year. 2020, black is the new grey. As we all know that grey has been popular for recent year, but not now. This trend starts when most homeowners choose the darker tones for their bathroom features, such as vanities, light fixtures, mirrors and others especially the ones with matte finishes.

2. A High-tech Design

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This about how technology incorporates our daily life. This high-tech bathroom was first trend in Japan, and now we all adore how it works. In Japan, you would see that the toilets provide automatic lid openers, seat warmers, built-in deodorizers, adjustable air dryers, and so on. so here in 2020, you will see the bathrooms with mini fridges, smart showers, and automatic sinks. This high-tech allows the homeowners to set their shower starting automatically. It saves their time though. Can you imagine while someone gets home from work, he gets his shower is hot and ready. Another popular feature is built-in blue tooth speaker system. Thus, more possibilities are endless. Homeowners soon will get their own bathroom as a spa.

3. Brass And Gold Fixtures

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They are coming back this year. They are not the similar fixtures you find on your grandparents’ bathroom brass faucet indeed. The materials may be old or vintage but the look and design treats you even better, such as a warm toned gold plumbing fixtures. The accent color of brass and gold creates a warming effect to the surrounding. And for more modern effect, they are finished in matte, satin and spun gold. You can get them in the lighting fixtures, mirrors and other complimenting hardware.

4. Industrial Styled Sinks and Vanities

Source: wtsenates.info

Except the other ideas, this one may not be in everyone’s shoes. The industrial vanities are coming with their ultimate characteristics, like metal finish, funky tile patterns and wooden accents. If you love adopting this style, you probably need to add a little touch of modern, such as fun tile patterns, pops of colors, etc.

5. Tile Patterns and Shapes

Source: topzdesign.com

There are more than a subway tile this time, as we find lots of tile shapes, such as diamond, hexagon, arabesque, chevron patterns and Moroccan fish scales. They come in new colors and textures that you can install on the wall or on the ceiling as an accent.



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