5 Country Home Decor Ideas and Types You Have to Know Before Start Decorating

While country home design is increasingly getting its popularity, it is also getting to know how to decorate them. Country home decor ideas and techniques will help you defining the best decoration so every furniture and detail will show its charm and appeal.

There are some different types of Country home decor ideas that you should know. And this article will get you there:

1. Antiques and Reproductions

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We may say this is the type of bringing back those good old days, including quilts, heavy cutwork table runner, copper pots, pewter candlestick, and real wood furniture. The rattan pieces are also welcome as they provide such a lighter look. You may find these pieces from your grandparents’ houses but if you don’t get any, go for the antique stores around you. Before purchasing any, you should remember that decorating a country house means restoring the warmth of history. So, it is not about how expensive or rare the items you get; but it is about the effect of those to the existing items inside your house.

2. Artifacts

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This is one of the exotic country home decor ideas you may love. There are so many colorful heritage of the old country and you may find them, such as intricate baskets, wood carvings, silks, woven rugs, English teacups, etc. But, you should make sure to leave the clutter behind, as this is the essence of the Country home decor ideas.

3. Sentimental Findings

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Choose carefully and find something genuine that are meaningful to you. Before purchasing any, you better make a list of some pieces that you don’t need and sell them. Furthermore, you can look for their replacement according to your taste. But before finding any suitable piece, you can start by painting your walls with eye-filling color, place a colorful napkin, fresh flowers, some hardbound books, etc. Create an inviting atmosphere.

4. Your Personal Vision

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Find which of the Country home decor ideas that impress you. You are allowed to blend different styles as one. Something that really express your vision towards this home decor.

5. New Traditional

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This is about symmetrical, graceful and elegant without being too formal. You can find this characteristic in the wood pieces with cushion and comfortable upholstery. Or if you are interested in applying neoclassical design, you may go for white-painted trim that is paired with jade, cranberry walls. This bold color is surprisingly historically accurate.

Be genuine. Find the best Country home decor ideas that express your own personality and style.



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