6 Creative and Simple Wood Sign Ideas to Sell

Wood sign ideas may bring inspiration while entering a room. Though they look simple but they enhance a sense of art. And if you intend to create one, there is no limitation. You can take anything in this universe as your inspiration. To do this project, you need some skill, especially art skills. And the types of woods can vary according to your preference or the availability around you.

By making Wood sign ideas, you won’t only get crafts but also money, if you consider selling them. As people start thinking that craft or art is valuable so whatever the wood signs you make, they will make money coming over you. This chance never comes twice in life. So, dare to start?

1. Simple and Nice Style

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You can choose a light brown color that is polished with a satin clear finish. The sign or words are carved using a laser. This idea is super simple and easy. All you need is to make sure that the carving is tidy, do not mess with the wood.

2. Family Wood Sign Ideas

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Custom wood signs always attract more people. This is the turn of family wood sign with used wood material. You may want to create something rustic and warm, so this style is ready to copy. Cedar wood will bring more beautiful effect to this project. Choose the font having similar color to the wood, which is brown. After carving the letters, finish your craft with any paint you like. If you have a customer on this, you should ask him/ her what color and words would be acceptable.

3. Pieces Of Wood

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You may cut the wood piece by piece and attach them on the wall. This style meets the standard of vintage style, so you should polish them using a satin polish. The number and size of wood pieces are on your hands, but the color should match the wall.

4. One Piece Wood

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This one is simple and meets the standard of any home design, whether vintage or modern. Besides considering the size and color, you should concern about the contrast as it is important here. Make sure that the font and the board are synchronized in color.

5. Rustic Wood Sign

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As stated above, color matters. If you need creating a rustic wood sign, then you need to apply the colors of rustic, such as black for the font. A semi-satin finish will complete the rustic look.

6. Rustic Family Wood Signs

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If you have a larger space to hang the Wood sign ideas, you should make a bigger one with pretty big fonts. The semi-glossy finish will look very America.



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