6 Decide the Rights Wood Ideas and Types for Furniture

There are lots of woods that are commonly used as the basic materials of furniture. And this issue creates doubt to most people which one is best for their furniture. This time, we will help you describing the types of woods for furniture so you won’t get stuck about wood ideas.

Purchasing solid wood furniture is a long term investment. So, you at least have to find out the best wood furniture according to your style. Aims of this article is to help you gaining confidence while purchasing one.

The wood ideas and types:

1. Walnut

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This wood has characters as hard, strong and durable. Besides, this one is suitable for furniture with carves as they are easy to carve and hold the shape for years. If you love a high level of craftsmanship, then this wood is on your first list. You will find it ideal for family investment for generations. It has various colors, from white to dark brown. The sub-types are Caribbean walnut, Brazilian walnut, North American walnut and black walnut. The conclusion you may find is this one is the best wood for furniture with lots of detail or ornate.

2. Maple

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This is one of the hardest and durability woods and that is the reason why it is commonly used for heavy-use furniture, such as dining sets and dressers. Though it is hard, but it is more affordable than other hardwoods. This wood is suitable for young family to start their journey.

3. Mahogany

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This is a kind of durable hardwood that is commonly used for intricate furniture and investment. This one has a timeless look and will last for generations with proper care. The color varies from pale, reddish brown, and pink. Mahogany is a big tree so it is produced in large boards. So, this one is suitable for large furniture, such as dining tables, etc.

4. Birch

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This is super strong and durable. Its blond color makes it perfect for modern furniture. The color varies from cream, and light reddish brown.

5. Oak

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This is one of the highest quality, dense and durable wood ideas for furniture. The furniture made from oak wood will last for centuries. The color varies from light brown to pinkish red.

6. Cherry

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People recognize this type due to its extremely straight and uniform grain so it creates a super beautiful finished look. The color varies from pinkish-brown to deep red. This wood will also last for centuries for a proper care.



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