6 DIY Shelving Ideas for Small Laundry Room to Work Efficiently

A laundry room needs careful attention since its small size. But there are piles of items needed to be stored, starting from detergent, dryer sheets, and other essentials. With the right shelving ideas, the room will look and feel bigger and you can fold clothes in your laundry room without hesitation.

1. Behind-the-door Shelves

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You can maximize the space behind your door. Start this project by building a set of shallow shelves and then mounting it to the wall behind the door. Do not worry of the materials as they are inexpensive. Remember to measure the distance between your door hinge and the wall, continue with subtracting an inch. Installing this DIY shelf does not need special plumbing skill and you only need basic tools, such as nail, drill and hammer.

2. A Shelf and Cloth’s Rod

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In this project, you will get a hanging rod to help you reducing the hours of ironing and organizing. After being well installed, you can hang up your clothes soon after they are out of the dryer and you will never find any wrinkle any longer. To find the materials, you need to go to local home center and find the standard closet rod brackets, a precut 12” deep melamine shelf and a closet rod. This project will be finished in less than an hour.

3. Sponge Holder

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Some of the shelving ideas may forget about this one. Sponge holder is saving your sponge for being moldy and smelly after being used and does not dry properly. This project needs you to screw a sieve to the back of the sink.

4. Ironing Center

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This simple project needs a couple of hours to finish. The materials you need are a 10-ft. 1×8, 1 2-ft piece of 1×6 for your shelves and a pair of hooks. And the tools you need are a jigsaw, glue, nail, hammer, drill, paint or stain.

5. Under-sink Shelf

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The materials you need are a melamine closet shelf, a length of suspended-ceiling wall angle, four ½” no.8 24 bolts, nuts and washers. Start this project by attaching them to the underside of your laundry room utility sink. The aim of this idea to make your old painting supplies reachable, so you do not ever get tired of getting them moved while mop the floor.

6. Skinny Cart

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Another space that left untouched is a space between the washing machine and dryer. Take advantage of it by building a simple plywood skinny cart to hold detergent and other laundry supplies.



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