6 Long-Term Investment Room Decor for Teens to Sharpen Their Creativity

Teens are the mini version of yourselves with higher energy and unstoppable thoughts. So, when you decide (or they ask you) to do a little renovation with room decor for teens, it is not about only changing the color or the walls, removing old wallpaper and art, etc. It is more like creating such a comfortable space to deliver their needs and energy positively. Even a small thing like the color of the wall should be discussed with them. But sometimes as a parent, we do not even understand what type of teen room should be created. To help you finding out the necessities to discuss with, here are some ideas of room decor for teens:

1. Color-coordinated Closet

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For example, a teal and white color for the bins, organizers and baskets. While the first thing is coordinated and looks nice and neat, the rest will start looking nice and tidy.

2. A Standout Bed

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This is kind of a long-term investment so you better do not mad of this idea. For example, you order a custom-built or ready tree-house-inspired bed. This furniture will last for years. Discuss this one with your little one, whether she/ he needs a custom-made bed or not. Just remember that the quality material is kind of import, so you better not deal with it.

3. A Chalkboard Wall

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This idea is not entirely new. As you only need to paint an entire wall of your kids’ bedroom and create a chalkboard wall. This idea gives your kids a room of entertainment that can be spent for hours in positive way. Speaking of decorating the room, this chalkboard wall also can be transformed into some fresh wallpaper made by them. Their creativities are sharpened in here.

4. Your Own Artwork

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This is kind of personalized stuff to create. For example, enlarge a favorite photo (whether family picture or their picture alone) and use a standard frame height. Hang this personalized artwork on the side of your kids’ bedroom.

5. Mood Booster Color of Paint

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A color can easily influence everyone’s mood. For example, a soft blue to give a calming hue, or a lavender that is relaxing. It is hopefully after entering their bedroom, your kids will get relaxed after their long time at school.

6. A Kid’s Office

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This idea is not a must, it is kind of possibility you will take or not. This space provides a comfortable space to do their homework and away from any distraction.



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