6 Recommended Products of Kitchen Corner Storage Solutions to Make Your Corner More Functional

Having a small kitchen forces you to think more efficient to store things and utilize every corner. Though it is uncommon, kitchen corner storage leaves you easier reaching some items. For example, rather than storing the blender on the cabinet, it is better to store it in the kitchen corner storage. It will be more reachable and less effort.

This time, we don’t give you some furniture to purchase or build, but rather DIY solutions to make your kitchen corner storage more functional and flexible:

1. Metal Rev-a-shelf Blind Corner 4 Shelf Slide Out

Source: havenhome.me

This idea provides an easy access, so even your kids can easily helping you unload the dishwasher. This metal blind corner shelf utilize 100% of your kitchen cabinet space. In there, you can store large items, such as food processors, blenders, bread makers, etc.

2. The Rev-a-shelf Half Moon

Source: heimwerkertools.com

This one is for you who needs a shelving unit for smaller daily use items, such as perishable food. This half moon is easy to maneuver and can be installed in a lower cabinet space, so everyone (including your kids) are able to access the goods. The items you can store there are goldfish, fruit leather, granola bars, and other snacks.

3. The Knape & Vogt Pie Cut Door Mount Lazy Susan

Source: retete-usoare.info

This product is another easy to install product. You can mount it to your cabinet doors. This product is a good idea to store canned goods, salt and pepper shakers, napkins, sugar bowls, spices, etc. After getting it perfectly installed, you should group the items with organizational bins, so they will keep organized. Besides installing this product inside your cabinet, it is allowed to install them on the countertops, especially the ones with tabletop models.

4. The Knape and Vogt Rotary Recycling Center

Source: ifworlddesignguide.com

This product will hide all clutters around your kitchen. This one makes you easier to dispose the unwanted items as they have three removable bins. Another advantage is this product will keep everything save even from the reach of your pets.

5. Enclume Cookware Stand

Source: Pinterest

If you don’t have cabinet storage to put your cookware, try this one. This product is here with its modern look to display your fancy dishes that never been used. So, your cabinets will have more space to store and hide all your ugly pieces.

6. Corner Wine Rack

Source: inboundmarketingsummit.com

This one is for wine enthusiast. You can show off your collection in the empty corner from floor to ceiling.



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