6 Stunning Hotel Fireplace Designs to Adopt for Your Home

A fireplace plays a significant role to the home design, no matter how small or big, nor simple or luxurious. Fireplace designs define how you can handle the decor issues. If you watch some movies or TV programs, sometimes they create a fireplace as their focal point along with the super star they have been invited. So, there is no limitation whether you are living in a small apartment with tiny fireplace or people who have a big and luxurious one, Fireplace designs always become one item to look into.


Artfully Tiled

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Choose bright tiles around your fireplace to build a shiny effect. You may find this design in most hotels. Now you can adopt this one for your lovely home. The cobalt tiles would be perfect for starting this project. Since they provide vibrant colors and sleek feel that will beautify your room, whether the fire is turned on or off. We can say it as a piece of art.


Cottage Style

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You will find the energy of clean and tidy in this simple yet homey design. An all-white hearth and mantel provides a blank canvas to be completed in each season. If the fireplace is nonworking, you can store cut wood neatly to build a playful effect. This style works best for modern home design.


Handcrafted Style

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This unique fireplace is decorated using the handcrafted stones with a driftwood mantel. The asymmetrical chimney will give you more visual interest than you ever imagine. This style is rather money waster, but you will never regret any of it. The beauty if naturally luxurious.


Classic VS Bohemian Style

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This is one of the most loveable Fireplace designs you ever see. The shimmery effect is its core. If this one is a nonworking fireplace, fill them with sea glass, white mantel against golden walls, and turquoise accessories. This combination is so much refreshing. This is also a blank canvas waiting to be decorated for each season.


Play The Pattern

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Do not hesitate to mix motifs, such as plaid upholstery, checkered fireplace surround, and nautical- themed rug together as one unity. While you consider to do this mixing style, you should pull the palette together. So you won’t create any mistake.

Wood paneled fireplace. If you love grandeur Fireplace designs, then this one is for you. The aim of this style is to create an intimate atmosphere around the fireplace. Start this project by adding the arts and crafts-style wooden console as the frame, combined with some cozy furniture by the fireplace.



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