7 The Key Features You Should Not Miss While Applying Cottage Kitchen Ideas

Who does not love cottage kitchen ideas? A cottage kitchen is giving us a call of a cute candy, with its accessories and color shades. Sometimes, we need to refresh our mind while doing something in the kitchen, then this cottage kitchen is something that always brings our eyes in joy and romance. Furthermore, applying this kitchen design is not about how romantic you are, but about how functional every feature will be.

So, let’s start by identifying some ultimate features of cottage kitchen ideas:

1. Open Shelving and Plate Racks

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You can start getting a true cottage look by installing this feature using brackets or corbels as the holder of the shelves. This design asks you to be simple but stately, and remain that way. If you have existing cabinets, just remove the doors and create an open cabinet without purchasing something new.

2. Small Pane Windows and Doors

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Everyone has to find the key of cottage kitchen ideas, which is a light and airy feel. In this style, privacy is not a real concern. So plenty of paned glass will be demanding and the upper cabinets should be glass-front model. To hide certain items, you can install the curtains on the inside of the doors.

3. Plenty Of Patina

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Well-worn is another feature that has to be created in cottage kitchen ideas. Apply them on cabinetry, furniture and floors. Embrace the imperfection with sanded paint. This increases the level of cottage style beauty.

4. Wood Flooring

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Install the wide-plank wood floors to get the authentic vibe of cottage style. You better look for further information or consult a professional to choose between a stained, a painted or a natural finish floor. As whatever the floor is, you must make sure that they will stand up to your kitchen traffic as well as the occasional spill that often happen.

5. Beaded Board

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You can add them on the ceiling, cabinets, walls, island, and others. Besides installing vertically, they also look beautiful horizontally. The crisp-white paint should be missed as well.

6. Bin-style Hardware

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Consider to install spring-loaded latch hardware for your cabinet doors and hinges taken or inspired from the similar era.

7. Comfort is The Key

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No matter how beautiful your kitchen might be, if it doesn’t provide such a comfort, you fail. The cottage kitchen ideas mean comfort. So, the seating area should be completed with plenty of cushion fabrics. The style and colors are on your preference.



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