8 Quick to Build DIY Bookcase Ideas for Any Type of Home

A bookcase of a shelf is important for our house. They provide a storage system that will save more space. This time, we will give you some DIY bookcase ideas to be installed at home, no matter small or big your home is.

And here we go:

1. Hanging Bookcase

Source: thriftydecorchick.com

You can use the steel cable and shaft collars for this project. The time of building one bookcase is about a single weekend. They finish look is strong and stylish. Furthermore, you can easily change the look by changing the materials or finishes. So you can get them easily customized as you need or according to every season.

2. Floating Bookcase

Source: sharonsala.net

This is one of the quickest to build DIY bookcase ideas since they are only made from two parts. They are clean and sleek, similar to modern house should be. By installing this kind of bookcase, you will save more money and they can be integrated easier to the surrounding, like adding certain home decor, flower vase, etc. The materials you need are half of a hollow core door and a 2×4.

3. Bed Built-in Bookcase

Source: wexy.ru

We all recognize that a nightstand cannot hold everything, except lamp, phone, alarm clock and photos. This built-in bookcase will give you much more space to store books or anything, for both essential and decorative stuffs. This DIY project needs basic tools but still easy to build for a beginner.

4. Built-in Bookcase

Source: Pinterest.com

This DIY bookcase requires no tricky techniques. All you need are screw, glue and nail. The materials are from birch plywood that costs inexpensive.

5. Built-in Mission Oak Bookcase

Source: Pinterest.com

This one needs more budget as there are more materials and skills. This DIY bookcase provides loads of shelf space that will look elegant yet practical to your home. It fits to any room as long as you concern on the design as well.

6. Branches Bookcase

Source: Pinterest.com

This natural material will simply amaze you or anyone seeing this feature. And you can build it in minutes! Can you believe it? All you need is just cut off the supports made from branches, screw them on a shelf and attach them to the wall.

7. Pine Bookcase

Source: woodworkinspiration.com

Doing this project needs a helper and a miter saw. Though this is kind of simple project, but you cannot do it alone. Your kids may be enthusiast joining you doing this project while learning about woodworking and tool use.

8. Leaning Tower of Bookcase

Source: pixartworks.com

This project can be done in a day and it simply fits to any room in your home.



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