4 Basic Considerations of Ceramic Tile Shower Ideas by a Pro

Ceramic tile shower may need a big consideration as there are many faucets to take into account, which is something you just realize after the bathroom installation is being completed. The best ceramic tile shower ideas may differ to each person. There must be wider options about ceramic tile shower ideas but everyone must agree of the following:

  • The bathroom tiles must be non-porous.
  • Must be non-slip finishes.
  • Easy grout lines so they are easy to clean and mold-free.

Although the purchase intention is in your own hands, but it is better to stay alert and see the guidelines below:

1. The Size

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This size becomes a concern if it deals with a smaller bathroom. Besides avoiding the slippage and wet feet tiles, the size needs to be thought more carefully. Ideally, the ceramic tile shower ideas should no larger a 6” square. This size offers stability and a good deal of grip as well. Counting the amount of water that will flow in there, the larger tiles will be more slippery.

2. Tile Mosaic Varieties

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Smaller bathroom needs mosaic varieties since they are attractive and have less slippery finish. This idea is a cost-effective solution.

3. The Cost

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After considering all above, cost cannot be left behind. And some recommended tile options to suit every budget are: (1) Pebble-effect tiles, (2) Natural stone tiles, and (3) Porcelain tiles.

4. The Adhesive

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Whatever the ceramic tile shower ideas you choose, while laying flooring in a shower, you need to use the right adhesive. Note that you have to use generic tile glue to avoid the amount of water to splash down onto the tile surfaces and lead to the glue come unstuck.

Choosing the right ceramic tile shower ideas according to your own needs should be completed with a little creativity. This creativity will help you breaking the stereotype that a bathroom tile is always boring or lackluster. Another trick to get a truly cohesive finish is by continuing the same flooring style as the larger bathroom, such as a contrasting color or a funky pattern tile.

Deal will your own taste and personality but the bathroom specific tile adhesive and non-slip tiles. As long as your taste won’t affect the two aspects, so the function won’t be affected negatively by your decision. You may need t reconsider the design of your entire house as a guide. For example, if your house is modern minimalist, so your bathroom should mimic the same design with similar clean lines and color. One or two highlighter or contrast color will be acceptable to create an inviting vibe.



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