4 Considerations to Make To Choose Hanging Storage and Wall Art

An art is a beautiful complement to everyone’s home design. Without any art, there will be plenty of blank canvas that look boring and plain. This time, we will discuss about how to choose and hang the hanging storage. Unlike other wall hangings, hanging storage provides double duty feature; which is as a storage system and a wall art. And every single detail of them should be considered so they won’t get crash to other furniture and home design that have been existed.

Here are some considerations to make:


1. Choose The One You Love

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This is kind of hard-and-fast rule to follow. You have to make sure that a feature to want to look at every single day. Plus, decide what things you want to store in there. For example, you want to make it as a book storage. Then be it.

2. Consider The Mediums

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You should know that purchasing a wall art is like investing in a painting. You can count every art and hanging storage that you or your children make, then make it as a focal point of a room, especially with the right presentation. Which means, anything can be a focal point, if you put special touch and feel on it. Some DIY projects are acceptable in here. Make everyone’s proud by their own creativity.

3. Pick The Room

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Create this decision even before you have purchased any wall art or hanging storage, or vice versa. Just follow the guidelines: if you are going to buy and hang a small piece, it could be placed in a powder room or hallway nook; If you are into several small-to-medium size pieces, you may recall of a gallery wall in your living room; If you are considering a large work, you may call them out over your bed, couch or mantel.

4. Make Measurement

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Before you make any hanging activity, do the right measurement by considering the following things:

  • For eye-level. This means about 57”-60” from the floor to the center of your wall hanging. Consider this measurement by looking at your ceiling. If your ceiling is higher than common, you shall consider hanging at 63”-65”.
  • Map it out. This one works for more than one piece of arts. The ideal spacing should be 3-6” according to your arrangement. You can try mapping on the floor first, so you get the visual arrangement you intend to have.

Work with your existing furniture. Consider the distance between the top edge of your furniture and the bottom edge of the hanging storage.



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