4 Easy Outdoor Bench Plans for Beginner Like a Professional Manner

An outdoor bench is functionally needed. This time, we will give you super simple outdoor bench plans to do during your off time. This article will give you the instructions on how to build and outdoor bench, including step by step, tools, materials, and the dimension. Since this project is less simple, even a beginner can do this project.

But remember that this one is still an investment; so you need to behave like a professional, starting by choosing the high-quality materials (cedar, pine or redwood). Take a look carefully to them, make sure they are in a good visual condition and perfectly straight. Furthermore, to hide the head of the screws while creating rigid joints, make sure you have drilled the pocket holes before inserting the galvanized screws. This is super basic trick you must do.

The materials you need are:

  • For frame: 4 pieces of 1×3 lumber with 55” long; and 2 pieces with 15” long.
  • For legs: 6 pieces of 1×4 lumber with 30” long.
  • For seat: 2 pieces of 1×3 with 60” long; and 16 pieces with 12” long.
  • Wood stain.
  • Wood glue.
  • Wood filler.
  • 2 ½” screws.

The tools you need are:

  • Hammer, level, tape measure, and framing square.
  • Safety gloves and safety glasses.
  • Miter saw, drill machinery, sander and screwdriver.

We will give you instruction building each part of the outdoor bench plans:

1. Build The Frame of The Bench

Source: danslelakehouse.com

It has been written in the plans above that you should assemble the frame out of 1×3 lumber. Cut off each component at the right size and then assemble them together using waterproof glue and 1 ¼” galvanized screws. Always check and recheck whether the corners have the right angled.

2. Attach The 1×4 Legs

Source: danslelakehouse.com

As we intend to create a professional result, so you need to plumb the legs with a spirit level and insert 1 ¼” screws (from inside of the frame into the legs). In this step, you need to make sure that there are no gaps between the adjacent legs. Lastly, add waterproof glue to each joint and a few 1 ¼” finishing nails.

3. Assemble The Seat

Source: newelhome.com

At both ends, drill pilot holes and insert 1 ¼” screws into each side component. Furthermore, add waterproof glue to each joint, build the center of your seat out of 1×4 slats, and build the side components out of 1×3 slats.

4. Attach The Seat to The Frame

Source: danslelakehouse.com

After a long way before, this is kind of a straight-forward job. All you need is just drilling pocket holes though the frame, and followed by inserting 1 ¼” screws into your seat. Remember to center the frame to the seat.



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