5 Reusable DIY Lantern Ideas for Home Decor and Events

Paper lanterns have been used worldwide, for both home decor and events, like birthdays, parties, weddings and festivals. If you are interested to create one, this article will give you some DIY lantern ideas that are applicable for any circumstances. This simple DIY lantern will transform the ordinary paper lanterns into eye-catching ones.

1. Ruffled Paper Lantern

Source: decoratorist.com

The color of papers should be the shocking ones, like shocking pink, yellow, green, etc. All you need to do is just cutting off the papers and gluing them until got the ruffles around the lantern.

2. Paper Plates Lamp

Source: Pinterest.com

Take some paper plates and cut them off right in the middle. Take the basic lantern, and glue each half of paper plates around them.

3. Plastic Cup Lantern

Source: alltopcollections.com

Put a paper lantern and glue plenty of plastic cups around until all the surfaces are covered up.

4. Leggings Into a Lampshade

Source: weddingchicks.com

If you have unused leggings or the ones with pretty cool textures, you can turn them into a lampshade. All you need to do is just placing a legging into a lampshade and cut it off.

5. Tissue Paper Lantern

Source: Pinterest.com

This idea will give you such a dreamy look around. Take a paper lantern and glue plenty of tissues from top to the bottom. You will get it as a cloud lantern.

DIY lantern ideas above are just a small part of creativity you may have. As the demand of lantern never stops, I believe that this project can be a fortunate product to sell. You should create ones depend on the next event or festivities. For example, if the next event is Halloween, why don’t you try creating the Halloween-themed lanterns? With a little gothic and ghost style, your lanterns might earn more dollars than you think before. Furthermore, you can go online to get wider target market.

In this difficult time, people need to be more creative to survive. Creating DIY lantern is one of the creativities you should embrace. Start today. Purchase supplies according to common events, such as beach style lanterns, etc. This common theme lantern might give a wider chance to get new customers. Once you have gain ability to create an intermediate level, then do furthermore. The more intricate products you sell, the more money you will earn. And you may end up growing your own lantern business. Do not forget to invest some good quality tools to help you working with this DIY project. Good luck.



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