5 Smart Tricks to Choose Exterior Room Color Schemes

The exterior paint color is believed as one of the most difficult paint decisions to make. Deciding the exterior room color schemes is not only about choosing the right paint on your wall to face the weather, but also how to make them standout surrounded by the all-natural elements around, including the outdoor furniture, and so on.

If you are willing to read on the following tricks of how to choose the right exterior room color schemes, your decision would be easier to make:

1. Choose Your Shade

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This is the first you have to do before thinking of other things. Consider whether you want a light, mid-tone or dark color shade for the outside of your home? This is commonly simple question but the answer will lead you to the following steps. But for some of you who don’t get any idea of your outdoor should look like, you can search on Pinterest to find any inspiration. Type a specific home design, such as “ranch style home exteriors”. The results will show various different color options.

2. Your Roof Color (or other accent colors)

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Look up. If you have a black or neutral gray roof, it is safe to put any color for your exterior without being too freak out of color clashing. If you have the roof color with tan, red, blue grey or green; choose the undertone in your shingles to help you choosing the exterior room color schemes. Or if your house is full brick, you can choose a trim color and match it with either the lightest, mid-tone or darkest color.

3. Factor In Light

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The daylight or sunlight will turn your exterior paint color cool/ blue. It is automatically happened when you find an abundance of light touch your exterior. So, you need at least 2-3 times warmer on your exterior color so the color will be balanced. For example, if you intend to paint the exterior, you should choose a color that is 3 times warmer than the color you desired.

4. Find Some Inspirations

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After narrowing your list, it is the time to look for an actual color for your exterior. You should find the color boards that provide color differences in each shade.

5. Sample

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Go to the paint shop and get the samples. Look at those samples at the morning, mid-day and at dusk. This is critical since the sun can easily pull out the undertones.



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