5 The Shopping List to Decorate the Teen Boys Room Ideas

This is one topic that confuses most parents around the world. Some of them are lack of confidence on the design or the size of room they have, but some are more concern of whether their teen boys will accept the room or not. This article aims to increase your confidence about working on your boys with specific teen boys room ideas.

Here are some guidelines to make up your day:

1. The Function

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You may think that this one is too boring as many articles have talked about it. But somehow, this boring thing is truly essential. The function is a starting point before designing or purchasing some pieces. Write down your teen boys will do in there. This trick will help you finding the right items to purchase without spending too much time standing in the store aimlessly for hours. To make it easier, here are some ideas of ways your teen boys will use their room:

  • For sleeping in.
  • Playing computer games and watching TV.
  • Doing homework.
  • Getting ready for school and for a hangout.
  • Having friends over to hang out together.

According to above list, here are what you should be shopping for:

  • A double or queen sized bed.
  • Bedside tables.
  • A desk and chair.
  • A chest of drawers.
  • Bedside table lamps.
  • A mood board installed above the desk.
  • An armchair.
  • Some wall arts.

Note: this is a simulation, so the real deal is in your own pocket.

2. The Color Palette

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The mid-toned timber will be acceptable for teen boys room ideas. It provides such a masculine but not too adult vibe. If you are agree applying this color, you should consider th following accent colors to pair with:

  • White or grey for a larger scale, such as bedding or walls.
  • Blacks for furniture legs, picture frames, or lamps bases.
  • Navy blue for accessories, artworks, the armchair, etc.
  • Mustard for a smaller dose, such as cushions.

3. The Masculine Texture

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The masculine materials can be suede, leather, and timber, metal and concrete. You don’t need to many accessories, just think of something clean and uncluttered but with quality materials.

4. The Style

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Teen boys room ideas can mimic two main styles, which are industrial and mid-century modern. If you cannot find one fits for your son, you can blend the two together but take it considerately. The key is to find some small decor items that bring the industrial or mid-century vibe.

5. The Finishing Touch by Him

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You boys should feel their own room. Though you may find them a little bit ignorant of any decor but let them do it. For example, let your boys filling the cork board with whatever they want, the cabinets with whatever items they have, etc.



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