6 Designers Tips: How to Choose the Most Suitable Tiled Shower Ideas

Tiled shower ideas can be a wow factor to your bathroom. The Tiled shower ideas should create a relaxation feel at night and look good in the morning. Creating this look definitely requires a little more knowledge as there are some equipment, like sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, mirrors, and anything around.

Since this task is not particularly easy, so we need some advices from the designers on how to choose the right tiles, including the size, shape, color and finish. After getting proper information, we will give you eight tips coincide with your needs of attractive bathroom and the trends to try this year:

1. Long And Skinny Tiles

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This tile is a variation of the classic subway tile. We can say that this elongated rectangular tile is edgier and more modern. Trick to add height to smaller bathroom is to stack them vertically or in a variety of layers. This vertical installation will accentuate your ceiling heights even higher.

2. Matte Tiles

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The trend of high-gloss tiles fade this year. On the other hand, the matte tiles are on trend since they give a softer look, something that people are attracted these days. The matte tiles look great in earthy hues.

3. Variegated Texture

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This year, Tiled shower ideas are not perfectly-cut ones. It is the time for the handmade tiles with variation in color and texture to shine. This variegated texture will bring your bathroom an Old World look.

4. Seamless Floor Tile Transition

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Traditionally, we divide the flooring materials in the vanity and shower area to keep the water contained. This very year, it is no longer needed and liked. Using the same tiles by the vanity and in the shower will create a bigger and sleek look in your bathroom.

5. Natural Blues And Greens

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This year with the pandemic all over the world makes people realize it is time to get back to nature. The color of nature is in trend, such as sea foam blues and rich forest greens.

6. Cement Tiles

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Though this one is not coming from modern world, but cement tiles always provide bold colors and graphic patterns. Furthermore, the handmade cement tiles are from sustainable materials and require little energy so they are more environmentally friendly.

Tiled shower ideas that will face this year are permanent tile features, such as tiny mosaic glass tiles around a shower. This feature just creates a smaller cut to your entire bathroom.



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