6 Grey Bedroom Ideas Taken from Psychological Perspective

People start getting aware of their interior’s color. Nowadays, designing a room isn’t only connected to the beauty of its room to the surrounding, it is also about the psychological effect the color brings to the homeowners or anyone entering the room. Grey bedroom ideas are increasing their popularity through these years, as they can be associated to industrial environments or even modern design.

According to the perspective of psychology, there are some common things you should know:

1. Grey Is An Unseen Color

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It is not black neither white. Grey keeps its distance. The reason why it is perfect for industrial environment is due to any industrial design just needs to be utilitarian and functional. They don’t belong to wherever the sparkles are in.

2. Grey’s Popularity Is Caused by Trendy or Aspirational Vibe

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Psychologically, grey means security and acceptance. Thus, it makes grey as a safe color for people’s sanctuary, called home.

3. Grey Somehow Only Means Business

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This explains why we often see offices use the color of grey. This color is described as a symbol of lack of confidence. To reduce its negativity, we must create a balance, which is by adding other colors as a highlighter.

4. The Best Grey Is The One Resonates Yourself

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such as cool greys (blue based) and warm greys (yellow based).

5. Grey Bedroom Ideas Are Psychologically Best Avoided

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As mentioned earlier that grey creates a really relaxing feel until you get tired and exhausted. This effect causes lack of energy to do our activities. Any room requires creativity should avoid this color, like bedroom, nurseries, and rooms for infants and children.

6. The Color Complement

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Grey is the color that cannot stand by itself without being too boring and lack of energy. Thus, grey needs color complement to be more visible. While choosing the color complement, you should see the harmonious color family from the rest of colors you use in your home. For example, if you have overpowering color, such as red, tone it down with grey.

Understanding the Grey bedroom ideas from the perspective of psychology may help you defining the best color complement or highlighter, as well as being wise to paint a room with it.

If you are doubt of this effect, you may proof it by yourself. Go to the coffee shop or any place having the entire wall in grey, and feel what you are feeling. At first, you may feel like relaxing and enjoying the surrounding. But this feeling cannot stop just it is. It keeps following you although you have been out of there, and those relaxing feeling will make you lack of energy to do things. All you need is just relaxing and doing nothing.



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