6 How to Plan the Space Efficiently Using Industrial Décor

Industrial decor is gaining much popularity these days because of its unique unfinished character along with polished elements. This mix is gorgeous, as long as you know how to recreate this piece of art to feel harmonious. Today we will share some tips to plan the space efficiently using Industrial decor. Scroll down and learn until you master decorating your space.

1. A Natural Palette And Plenty Of Textures

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One of the characteristic you should have by this style is the rich color palette, such as the mixes of black, neutral browns and white. Recreate your own decor by pairing different shades of brown and tan. The white elements are added lately, and followed by the last touch that is some black accents. Furthermore, to create plenty of textures, start with a distressed leather chair, a plain white wall, and black metal accents.

2. Modern And Rustic Mix

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Though this is one of the key to get Industrial decor, but we never find any absolute rule on the proportion of high and low elements. So, you can go with own your own taste. For example, put a sleek black leather sofa with plain white walls.

3. Open Floor Plan

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To create a perfect open floor plan, you need to add a kitchen island that connects the cooking space and living room. Other than this living room and cooking space area, you can create an open floor plan for bedroom either. That is by placing your bed on a raised floor, or adding a sliding barn door.

4. Industrial Style Lighting

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In this Industrial decor, you need to transform the simplest light bulbs into statement lighting. You can purchase the bulbs in various sizes and arrange them using the cable, such as creating a real statement chandelier with lower budget not big impact. Other features that you can put together with industrial lighting are unconventional objects and wood or black metal details. Repurpose these materials as parts of the lamp. So, to create one industrial style lighting, you need bulbs, a cable, and some unconventional objects (such as chains and pipes).

5. Big Loft-type Windows

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This one is typical sign of Industrial decor. So, do not skip this one on your list to be renovated or if you just want to do a little change, you can change the structure into black framed windows.

6. A Lot Of Distressed Wood

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As named above, texture is key. Bring back the rough touch and the color of your wooden pieces does not have to perfectly match.



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