6 White and Grey Bedroom Inspirations to be Applied to Your Apartment

Every color is believed as a space transformer. White and grey bedroom can easily transform your mood in instant. Bedroom is a place to welcome you with a warmth and cozy feeling, so those vibes should be met on yours as well.

These are some gorgeous White and grey bedroom with various touches, starting from a classic to modern touch.

1. A Cozy Classic

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Any bedroom can has a cozy classic with certain arrangement and features. In here, we recommend to use put white bedding and classic sconces as the classic touch. Complete the look by creating contrast, which is by painting the grey walls. This style of bedroom reminds you that having a good rest is precious, so the high quality materials and fabrics are kind of import things.

2. Modern Touch

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Living in modern world, having a modern bedroom. If this one is into you, paint your wall in grey, the bedding is in grey, then create a contrast with some statement lighting fixtures in white. The arrangement is personal taste, but long as you create those compositions, your bedroom will be safe. This style is on trend, especially for modern apartments in urban cities.

3. A Penthouse

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If you are living in a penthouse and needs a little touch of warmth and trendy, you can start by adding the Art-Deco furnishings, including a custom floor lamp, and an AL deco pattern on the headboard. The distressed stacked brick walls will be a gorgeous accent, along with a hand-painted mural on the ceiling. This style is worth to try.

4. Farmhouse Style

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The white walls and soft grey is a good companion for this style. Add the farmhouse touch by adding vintage lamp and stool. I believe that this arrangement is simply easy and everyone get over it. But the result is one of a kind. Try it!

5. Beach Style

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The calming version of White and grey bedroom is in the house. All the bedding, linen, furnishing and lightings are in those color combinations.

6. Stylish One

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This one lets you find out the White and grey bedroom does not have to be boring. The high-quality materials of every feature create a special touch towards your bedroom. Start the journey with silk linens, the stainless steel chair, comfortable cushions, silk satin curtains, monochrome carpet, and a cotton velvet walls. All those materials are seem beautiful with the paintings on the left of your bed.



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