7 Maintain A Room Organization to Get Clutter Free Space

Which one is easier: organizing or maintaining the organized room? Everyone must have different sides of answer and reasons behind it. But most believe that maintaining needs more effort and consistency than room organization. That is the reasons why we put the trick to maintain your room so you will get them tidy in such longer time.

1. The Can In Each Room

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If you find your living room or any other rooms tend to accumulate the trash, a wastebasket may help you reducing the clutter; but mostly they are not attractive and smelly. On the contrary, you can put the cans that meet your home decor. If you intend to throw food in there, add a lid and some deodorizing trash bags.

2. Look Out The Flat Surfaces

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Wherever you find a flat surface, it may be easy to find any of books, papers, magazine and brochures. These items will create more clutter, especially in the family room where all the family members spend their time together in there. Put a two drawer lateral file or a stackable file cart will do good if you don’t have spare floor space. Create a rule regarding to this: make a quick swap of all flat surfaces, which is by piling papers in a bin.

3. Slim Cableyoyo

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It is difficult to deal with tangled cables in the living room, especially behind the entertainment centers. Where all the cables from the TV, and other electronics are tangle together. Fortunately there has been a slim cableyoyo that is attractive and capable to coil up neatly the cables.

4. A Play Zone

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Room organization will get tough dealing with toys. In this issue, you should choose one spot where you can transform into a play zone. The unused corners will be the best bet since they have walls to block encroaching clutter. Furthermore, you can put a children table or a small bookcase

5. Coffee Table Functionality

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Reassess your coffee table organizational capacity. A coffee table ideally has any storage for remote controls, magazines or drink coasters. If you don’t have one, you can put low storage cubes to stick under the table.

6. A Game Area

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This one is super fun, especially for a family who loves gathering around and playing together. Try separating the TV space with this game area so everyone will never get any distraction while playing a game.

7. Display Photos

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If you don’t use films and prefer something handy and clutter free, a digital photo frame will be a great choice.



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