7 Small Entryway Ideas and Features to Attract More Eyes

The entryway is an accent to your entire home design. No matter how small it is, an entryway should get the real standard of proper decoration. Small entryway ideas below will allow you to express your personal taste and add the function as well. Play these ideas using light fixtures, flooring, wallpaper, rugs, benches, coat racks, hooks and other small-scale furniture.

1. A Statement Coat Rack

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Small entryway ideas can always be fascinating like the larger ones. Start decorating your own entryway with a sculptural tree silhouette that will give you additional rooms for hats, scarves, coats and bags. This minimalist move adds texture to the entryway, besides you will find them durable to deal with high traffic and snowy boots.

2. Clean And Clear Furniture

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Create a brighter and larger effect by clearing off your table, so another furniture will be the star, such as the custom bench you put there. The shoes can be stored underneath the table so everything looks clean and clear.

3. Go Narrow

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Choose a small tidy cabinet that can hold tilt-out drawers so your shoes will be hidden safely. The top of your cabinet can be utilized to hold keys and mail. Besides, a coat rack mirror also should be considered as the right complement.

4. Maximize The Wall Space

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You should never let your wall blank without any functional piece of art. The wooden dowels may be one of the perfect functional accessories to be hung in this small entryway since they provide beauty and as a long coat rack.

5. Mimic Your Personality

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You can give this idea a try, such as by hanging your DIY crafts.

6. Look Up

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It does not matter if you are lack of clear foot space, as long as you have a bold light fixture or artwork. The ey to have this look by creating a distraction from the floor to the ceiling. Create the upper part of your entry room is more interesting to look at than the lower part of it.

7. A Rug

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The right texture and color of rug will provide a beautiful entrance. While choosing the rug, you have to pick something that can beat the high traffic in the entryway. And do not forget to add a carpet liner to avoid it from sliding around. The aims of adding a bold rug in your entryway is to drive any sight directly towards it, other than the other parts of the small entryway.



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