8 DIY Wood Fence for Your Beautiful Flower Garden

DIY wood fence is designed to protect or sign your property. But sometimes it is not only about those serious thing, having a wood fence can be done for only to fence your beautiful flower garden, so it won’t keep the critters out. So, here are some DIY wood fence ideas that are super easy and can be done by almost anyone.

1. Solid Stained Black Fence With Wide Boards

Source: homebnc.com

This one may look simple and basic. But, to get extra safe and unique look, add the thin chicken wire. This one is building a fence without totally obstructing the view beyond. After the additional chicken wire, you will get it transformed into a modern and stylish fence to keep your flowers and small pets from running away. What a genius idea.

2. A Simple Swinging Gate

Source: buzzon.live

Every fence needs a door to offer accessibility. This time, we choose to show a simple swinging gate made of the simple wooden frame and a screen. This door won’t obstruct anything.

3. Colorful Lumber Fence

Source: Pinterest.com

This one is easily construct using a few lengths of colorful lumbers. Create your own character by painting them with your 2-3 favorite colors. This contrasting color to the surrounding will give you a simply outstanding fence.

4. A Basket Style Fence

Source: listkampus.com

This is super recommended if you have access to long and thin branches as the main material. The branches need to be fresh and easily bent to be wrapped and weaved into a basket style fence. This is super cool idea and the look is like an expensive carved furniture.

5. Recycled Timber Fence

Source: Pinterest.com

You will be fortunate if having off cuts and leftover timber. Though they come in different lengths and sizes, you can build a cool fence that gives a look of a city horizon. Let them be in their natural colors, but if you prefer the contrary, you are welcome to paint or stain them.

6. A Quilted Stitching Fence

Source: Pinterest.com

This one is perfect if you have a large backyard, need to build tall fence without obstructing the view. You may need thin chicken wire to make them functional and still have an element of style.

7. A Rustic Garden Gate

Source: Pinterest.com

Look around whether you find something to build a fence, like some old wooden doors. DIY wood fence can be built using this old one as it gives you a rustic garden gate.

8. A Log Style Fence

Source: deorix.com

This one is another simple and easy to make project. Prepare some clean logs, a hammer and some long nails to start this project.



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