8 Features Should be Available on Nautical Bathroom Ideas

Nautical home decor is popular due to its refreshing color shade and accessories. It reminds us of the beach houses on the sea. Nautical home decor requires almost every spot to be decorated in mimicking this theme, like nautical bathroom ideas. Each room should introduce the nautical atmosphere and then incorporated using some items.

So, here are some nautical bathroom ideas to give you a seaside spa vibe:

1. Clocks

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This one is a strong element should not be skipped, especially in a bathroom where you need to do your bath on time so won’t be late on the next events or activities. The nautical clock should be made of solid acacia wood, in a form of a classic ship wheel, life ring, and so many others. There are lots of choices regarding this clock. Just pick one representing your mood and style.

2. Cabinet Knobs

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Cabinet is a kind of convenient storage. The nautical theme can be got by leveraging the cabinet knobs, which should be whimsy and fun. For example, the mix and match dolphins and shells.

3. Candle Holders

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Candles upgrade the coziness of your bathroom, especially while you are enjoying the bath time. Choose the ones with sea scents and cool colors, such as beige, cream and blue. While the candle holders can be a rustic or distressed look.

4. Wall Decor

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This one is optional and countless. If you happen having a passion of art, you may choose for beach-themed oil painting on your bathroom wall. On the contrary, a classic wooden wall art is perfect for you who like a little more traditional.

5. Towel Hooks

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This one should not only look beautiful but also functional, which is to keep your towels clean and dry. You just need to add a little character, such as a shell or an octopus. The mix and match of sea creatures will provide elegant yet whimsical vibe.

6. Mirrors

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Another essential item in a bathroom. A nautical-themed mirror can be the metal and rope one. This feature should create a vibe of being on a real ship.

7. Cabinets

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The characteristics of nautical-themed cabinets are completed with a part hole, or the ones look like a row boat. These two options give you a real nautical experience.

8. Shower curtain

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Another picture of shells or dolphins in the nautical bathroom ideas. Those two sea-creatures undoubtedly represent life of the sea pretty well. But if you hardly find any, simply hang a plain white curtain and add a decorative fish net over the outside.



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