8 How to Design the Pergola Ideas Using a Software Easily for a Beginner

Updating the pergola ideas is like updating the amount of enjoyable living space. This project can be done as a major renovation or just an overhaul. Whatever your choice is, now is the world of software. You can use an application to design something crossing your mind although you are not a designer in real life.

This time, we want to give a little bit advantage of using some design software to design pergola ideas. They are VizTerra, Vip3D and Pool Studio. So, here we come the step by step to follow:

1. A Unique Pergola

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Start the design by drawing out the shape you intend with the desired dimensions located in the Custom Shape and Pergola Stage. In this software, you will find various controls that easily can be used to design a pergola, arbor or patio cover. For example, if you intend to build a pergola around your house, you should use the Line and Outline tools and follow the existing hardscape. This step provides 2D to make you easier customizing the shapes in any unique ones.

2. Customize A Pergola

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After the desired shape is done, adjust the appearance in 3D, which is by doing double click on any given section. For example, to update or change the pergola height, you can do it in the panel menu. And the reset button will get you undo any manual changes you have made.

3. Slats

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In this step, you can easily refine your pergola, which is by doing double click on the slats on top and select the items. The details you can adjust are the height, the spacing and the thickness.

4. Rafters

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This tool gives you access to add more rafters, rotate the framing and adjust the position of the rafters.

5. House Ledger

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This one is for you who intend to build a pergola next to your house. This tool provides additional ledger board along the house.

6. Rafter Supports

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The integrated pergola design software allows you to easily adjust the settings (height, spacing and thickness) instantly, select the rear support, delete it or move it to be closer to the edge of the pergola you design.

7. Column

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Adjust the shape of columns (square or round) change the spacing and add or remove extra columns are on your hands.

8. Boards

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This tool will reveal a beautiful finished look. There are some layers, which one is the final setting.

Thus, design and build your own pergola ideas is not a difficult thing to do any longer.



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