3 Guideline to Buy a Coat Rack: Coat Rack Ideas, Materials and Styles

A coat rack is more than decorative item. While purchasing one, we should consider both functionality and practicality as well. Coat rack ideas below can be your inspirations to buy one that is able to add character and style in your entryway.

Before purchasing any, you should look at your entire room and where to put the Coat rack ideas. The placement will affect the style you have to choose. To lead you the way, answer the following questions:

  • What room can get the most benefit of a stylish coat rack?
  • In current arrangement of a room, is it enough space to hang the coat rack?
  • What type of coat rack that helps you maximizing your room in an organic and appealing way?

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After answering those questions, the next thing to do is by understanding the main types of coat racks:

1. Standalone Varieties

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This one is the most popular among others. They are designed to be stand out and are supported by some convenient hooks. By having this one, you will have iconic in appearance. There are some materials following this variety:

  • Wooden standalone rack. If you like rustic style, then this might be your first choice. You can find them in various wood and color types, like elegant birch, rich mahogany and strong oak.
  • Metal standalone rack. This one offers more minimalist style but strong and rigid. Most materials are coming from stainless steel or aluminum.

2. Artisan Varieties

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This one is usually designed to be artistic and present specific vibe in a room. There various designs and details in this type of rack. Thus, the combination of materials are metal, wood and plastic.

3. Wall-mounted Varieties

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Wall-mounted coat rack ideas are an ideal choice for a small room. You can find them vary in size and length. Choose after considering how many coats you need to hang or how many people are living in the same roof as you so there you find the number of coats to hang in a time.

  • Wooden wall-mounted rack. This one is also available in some wood varieties. This material provides durable and easy to install one.
  • Plastic wall-mounted rack. If you need something affordable, this one is absolutely for you. The buyer of this style tends to choose practical other than aesthetic purposes.

Metal wall-mounted rack. A minimalist style and built to last be the characteristic of metal. Furthermore, you can paint them in whatever color you like.



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