4 Clever Tips to Choose Bathroom Towel Storage Wisely to Increase the Value of Your Home

Bathroom towel storage is not something you can choose lightly. Since the right cabinetry and flooring choices affect the value of your home. And before talking too much and too far, we must ask you what is the first piece of furniture in your bathroom that you interact with every morning? It is definitely a bathroom vanity. And, while you get them unattractive yet impractical, you will make yourself stuck and more difficult to get ready in the morning just to look for the essentials you look for.

Here are some tips to choose Bathroom towel storage wisely:

1. Consider The Placement Carefully

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Even a small bathroom can get feel and airy atmosphere with the right choice. This is not only about placing a bathroom towel storage but also all features in the bathroom. For example, installing the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet will make you maximize the floor space better.

2. Do Not Make Too Many Matches

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Once this matchmaking game is tempting, but we say NO. Remember that everything bring each function. When you get your tiles in dark shades, do not repeat the exact shade on the Bathroom towel storage, especially if they share similar shade or width. The first rule is that the bathroom cabinet is here to complement your tiles and fixtures. Furthermore, the second rule is your bathroom countertops and tile have to complement each other either. But don’t make it in exactly similar shade or texture. For example, if you need to make the surface of your bathroom cabinet as a focal point, choose neutral tiles and cabinets. Avoid bringing the granite or laminate countertops along with the floor with similar texture.

3. Your Storage Needs Have To Meet

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Decide your specifications, what you really need in the bathroom storage. For anything excluded, there is no excuse. You don’t have to sacrifice extra drawers to overtake the value and sophistication of your bathroom. Thus, this is an important step. For example, if you have some family members sharing one bathroom, you need to install the espresso double vanity completed with dozen different drawers.

4. Mix Up Your Style

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Don’t think too much of the style. Bathroom towel storage is one part of furniture takes a part in the aesthetic issue. Just believe in your eyes. As long as you feel comfortable to look at that certain arrangement for daily basis, then should be fine. For example, if you have art deco flooring, simple line storage.



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