4 DIY Project Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Add A Touch of Personality

The kitchen also deserves to be decorated beautifully. You may have been doing all decorating projects for the entire home, but do not forget to add this one into your list. Kitchen wall decor ideas below hopefully will inspire you to make a kitchen more than a place to whip up a meal. No matter what the style you have in there, you can add a little touch of personality. Furthermore, no matter the size of your kitchen, it is always a way to decorate this every mother’s workspace.

So, keep reading and make your kitchen glowing:


1. “Eat” Wooden Cutting Board Art

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Everyone must have this wood cutting board in the kitchen. Or if you intend to buy one, it won’t be so expensive. So, here we go. Purchase some cutting boards in any size you wish, glue a letter in each cutting board (starting from “E”, “A”, and “T”), and mount them in any spot in the kitchen. This is super simple DIY project anyone can do, or even you ask your kids to do this project together and decide where to hang them.

2. Recipe Card And Rolling Pin Display

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The next one is another essential for cooking baking. You must have a favorite recipe to remember? Why don’t you create some and hang them on a frame picture? Write down or print out the recipes you and your family love the most (at least 4 recipes) and insert each of them into picture frame. Last but not least, mount them on your kitchen wall, and a rolling pin in between. This arrangement is like a gallery kitchen? You name it. But it never fails your day.

3. Weekly Many Recipe Card Board


Another recipe to come to the kitchen wall. In this DIY project, you need a longer board to write a word of “MENU” and each day for a week. Hang a sticky note next to each day to write down the menu. Hang this customized board near your kitchen island so everyone can easily take a look at it. Before writing them down, you better discuss with your family what they intend to have for meals for a week. Repeat this discussion every week.

4. Vertical Herb Garden


No matter how small your kitchen is, growing herb garden is always a good idea to start. You can start installing some hooks or any rod. Grow some herbs in small containers and hang them on the rod or hooks.



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