4 Toy Organizer Ideas that You Can Do Super-Fast from the Professional Organizers

Dealing with kids and their toys are mostly annoying. In the contrary, the needs to make them busy playing with their toys other than gadget are sometimes stronger and make us let them do whatever they want. But we miss one thing: to teach them how to declutter the mess they make, how to take responsibility of the toys they have, how to take care of them, and so many others refer to the toys.

Toy organizer ideas are hopefully bringing back the sanity into your home. This time, we represent the professional organizers and their thoughts and ideas about simple organizational tips and tricks that you can do super-fast. Keep in mind and bring out the rule: the whole family should get involved. Write this note down and put on the wall of your toddler’s room or wherever you think everyone will see it clearer.

1. Know What You Own

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This step requires you (and the whole family) to find a fun rediscovery, decide which ones should stay and which ones go. The experts say this is an “owning intentionally”. Sort the down and discard the broken items. Your kids may love keeping those broken pieces. But when you have done inventorying the room and found nothing, let them go.

2. More Boxes

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Mark each box with different purposes, such as “items to donate”, “items to give away to relatives”, “items no longer age appropriate but still want to keep”, etc. These categorized boxes will make you easier to sort things out. Model your kids’ play room as a kindergarten classroom having different activity zones, like a craft space, reading zone, etc. You may not have a large kids’ space but the differentiation (no matter how small it is) will make everything well-organized.

3. Keep The Small Toys Organized

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Everyone agree organizing small pieces is wasting so much time. Things like small matchbox cars, Lego pieces, action figures, and so many others. You easily can find them everywhere, under the couch, in the corner, in the bottom of a bin, and so on. Invest some clear see-through shoe boxes with lids to store those small ones. Label each of them with an image of them. And, for items need supervised (paints, marbles, crayons, etc.) should be put on higher shelves.

4. Store Big Toys

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They are space consuming, but sometimes kids love them that much. If you have limited space, rotate one or two big piece(s) every so often. And, don’t go crazy shopping.



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