5 Additional Small Bathroom Storage for Most Effective and Efficient Storage System

Bathroom is an essential room in our home. In a day, we must go in there to clean up ourselves. But one issue that happens too much in a bathroom is having a small bathroom storage. We may start thinking that the small one would never be efficient enough to store various essentials.

But don’t get me wrong, the size does not matter in this case. You don’t need to have a large bathroom storage to store things efficiently. Scroll down and read on some effective small bathroom storage ideas to keep everything fit and proper.


1. Use Baskets, Bins and Jars

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Those are efficient and effective additional to any bathroom, kitchen, and cabinet and even kid’s room. Baskets can be used to store curling irons, towels, toilet paper and hair dryers. While bins are great for organizing your small items, like toothpaste, makeup, razors, toothbrushes, and others. Lastly, jars are great for small items, such as hair clips, cotton balls, and others. Another reason to choose those storages are they look cute!

2. Storage Above The Toilet

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Speaking of storage system, in a matter of fact you need as much of them as possible, though you have a small bathroom. Add one cabinet above your toilet in the water closet. Do not let this blank space being wasted.

3. Hooks For Towels

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Instead of towel bars, hooks work better for a small bathroom. The number refers to your own needs and you can arrange them in separate space, something you cannot do using towel bars. For example, you need six hooks; you can add two by the shower, two in the water closet, and two are by the tub.

4. S Hooks For Space Around The Vanity

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Small bathroom storage with no a medicine cabinet should install S hooks to hold some essentials, such as hair bows, jewelry, rubber bands, medicine, phone, charger, deodorant, and others. Just add some small storages in each S hook so everything is well-organized.

5. Extra Shelving Underneath The Sink

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Adding this extra shelving needs a DIY project to make the spot under the sink organized and functional. To do this DIY project, you need yardstick, pencil, 1×12 board, tape measure, sandpaper, hand sander, jigsaw, drill, wood screws, level, paint and hot glue gun. The step by step is: (1) Measure the space and mark the wood, (2) cut off two 2” wide of the pieces of wood, (3) Smooth out the wood using hand sander and sandpaper, (4) Apply the paint (two boats for best result).



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