5 Bedroom Color Schemes for Romantic Couple All Year Long

Master bedroom is not only about 100% flowers and chocolate. We can play with bedroom color schemes to create such romantic vibe without feeling too cheesy. By applying the following bedroom color schemes, you will get romantic vibe all year long.

1. Raspberry Pink

Source: Pinterest.com

The vibe you will get is a subtle and sweet. Pair this shade to some more vibrant or subdued one, according to your preference.

  • Deep raspberry. This darker one keeps a romantic vibe in a darker way. This color shade is perfect for you having a spouse who does not think that pink should be in both of your room.
  • Varying raspberries. In this room, you add varying shades of raspberries, starting from light pink to dark red raspberry. Complete the look with the right bedroom lighting.

2. Deep Ruby Red

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This arrangement creates a sultrier effect. As we can say that red is the most romantic color in the romance.

  • Red with red accents. Incorporating red with red accents? Does it work? This setting is one of never fail bedroom color schemes. The red accent is actually the goldish or brick painting in your bedroom background. The color combination is so captivating.

3. Caramel Or Earthy Browns

Source: Pinterest.com

  • Brown tones. As mentioned above, there are always other shades than red and pink to build a romantic vibe. We have this soft and natural color providing some romance without being too overdo.
  • Browns and creams. The combination builds the room to sync. Inside this bedroom, you and your spouse may feel calming and peace, a real aim of what a bedroom should be.

4. Black

Source: Pinterest.com

  • Black background. You may first think this idea is rather extreme, but it works well as long as you give another accent to boost up the romantic feel. Bold is brave. Will you dare to try this one?
  • Black and white. This setting builds a romantic vibe not only because of their tone but their structure. Besides, having this color combinations look classy and it is usually applied for modern minimalist bedroom.
  • Bold black. The boldness is completed while you put the structure into it.

5. Plums, Purples and Lavenders

Source: decoraideas.com

  • Purple passion. To create a classic romantic setting, add gold as an accent. This color combination is something you usually see in a royal palace. Who can deny this charm?
  • Royal purple. The vibe is rather subtle than other shades of purple.



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