6 Inspirational Entryway Wall Décor Looks Like Being Done by a Designer

An entryway wall decor turns your blank wall into something inviting. An entryway is a place where you conclude your entire home design. In this small space, you decide which ones should be displayed and which ones should be hidden behind the closed doors.

So, to create a beautiful first impression, you should make sure that your entryway wall decor is representing your home entirely. And here are some marvelous entryway wall decor like being done by a designer:

1. Mid-century Modern Style

Source: newport-international-group.com

A console table with narrow legs and natural wood-grain patterning against an empty wall be the right focal point. In this style, you don’t even need to add too crowded decor, on the other hand, put two or three small accents, like a small table lamp, a potted plant and a family photo that have been told so many things about you (as a homeowner). For wall decor, a sunburst or a bold circle mirror should be considered.

2. Rustic Farmhouse Style

Source: Pinterest.com

You will get the cozy country comfort in here. Place a painted-white or a weathered-wood hall tree for storage spaces. A rustic bench and hook above will coordinate your entryway. The accents can be aluminum jugs, cans, glass works, and wood lettering. The finishing touch is something like hanging lanterns.

3. Coastal Style

Source: sherrilldealers.com

Do you want to bring back the vibes of a seaside bungalow? Try by placing a light colored console table and nautical decor, such as driftwood sculptures or sea glass, coral, starfish, clear sand-filled jars, etc. The coastal entryway wall decor is limitless, starting from a pair of oars, ocean-themed artwork, an iconic anchor, and so on.

4. Classic Traditional Style

Source: Pinterest.com

This timeless look will forever be everyone’s favorite as you don’t need to change or retouch the style every season. Start this arrangement by placing a walnut console table or the dark polished ones. Hang a dark-metal chandelier or candle-shaped bulbs to brighten up your entryway with a touch of timeless. As traditional style is about giving comfort, you should consider leather upholsteries in here.

5. Luxurious Style

Source: Pinterest.com

A metal console table will be the first item to consider as a focal point. Some elegant candlesticks and gold-tone table lamps should never be skipped either. The focal point of this arrangement is a large mirror with a silver or gold frame. This mirror thing will open up the feeling around your entryway.

6. Global Style

Source: littlebigbell.com

This is inspired by journeys to begin yet. So, combine the Bohemian look by coordinating multicultural decor, wood furniture and first-class comfort. The recommended entryway wall decor for this style is art from overseas destinations or iconic mirror representing certain culture.



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