6 Types of Make up Vanity Mirror with Lights to Make Your Facial Appearance Well Checked

Make up vanity with lights is not only about following the Hollywood movies. Female from every background have similar chance to have their facial appearance well checked. This is kind of sensitive issue that every female deal with. That is the reason why we give you some advantages of owning a Make up vanity mirror with lights.

1. Fixed Or Wall Mounted Mirror

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You can see the mirror that is mounted on a flat surface (wall). As this is permanently mounted, it is immobile. But as the name has the advantage, which is not stick out of place (an issue some mirrors do). This style provides a bigger mirror so you can see the reflection of yourself bigger and clearer. They look pretty with wooden finishing. The options of lights are run on electricity and battery. Each energy source has different pros and cons. Moreover, the light can be set up in different shades, which is day or night times.

2. Daytime

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This daylight setting mimic the real sunlight so you can get brighter and even prominent visibility.

3. Evening

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You can see a darker lighting background in this setting with a tint of pink shade on individual’s face and more warmness for the makeup.

4. Regular

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This one is just simulating the normal lighting conditions around you.

5. The Materials

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There are various materials used for Make up vanity, including iron, wood, plastic and brass. And they come in various designs and patterns that you can choose according to your taste, and some are available in custom-made one. Besides according to your own taste, choosing the makeup vanity should consider the decor of your home. For example, if you have Victorian style home, you should choose dark wood vanity. While the modern home tends to fit to white glass finish one.

6. Size

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Any style you love, this one should be considered as a prime criteria. Besides considering the room’s size, different age group ideally have different sizes either. For example, the youngster usually love small mirrors for bathroom area, while the elder loves a bigger one.

The types and settings of make up vanity mirror and lights above may give you some description before purchasing any. So, it is not only about the price but the function you will bring home. Understand your own needs; do you ever put on make up at nights? Or just in the mornings? These considerations make you easier decide which one is the best suitable for you.



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