7 Clever Pegboard Ideas to Store Essentials at Home

Pegboard is everywhere. You can install them everywhere and to any purpose. Pegboard ideas are not only about the simple design element to hold some items in the garage, you can even get them in your living room, bathroom, bedroom, almost everywhere as they are wonderfully versatile. This item is more than an office bulletin board that is called as a workhouse at home.

Have you been curious enough how to utilize them beyond your own thoughts? Follow these super creative and easy pegboard ideas:


1. Mudroom

Source: house8055.com

The chaos in this room can be avoided using a well-placed pegboard. It can be used to hang your backpacks, organize the winter gear, store pet supplies, mails, and so on. You can add some small baskets for each category of items, so you and other family members are easily getting what they want fast.

2. Kitchen

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Why don’t you install one as a kitchen backsplash? Besides having a unique look, this installment help you staying well-organized, storing the utensils and cooking tools neatly within reach. This one may needs more effort while installation. As you need to measure the shape and size of backsplash before installing any.

3. Bedroom

Source: jennifermaker.com

If you have lots of things to store but lack of much storage system, why don’t try this one? The pegboard is always giving you such a cool and minimalist vibe, so it fits to any bedroom style. By installing one or more pegboard(s), you can have more space to store your necessities, like books, alarm clock, graphic print, charging cords, etc.

4. Cabinet

Source: krasotka.cc

Other smart Pegboard ideas that will never fail in any circumstance. Have you ever thought of this one before? You might not think that a pegboard can be an efficient organizational tool in the closet. Whatever the style of your closet is, pegboards always fit in. Install one or some pegboard (s) to store hats, jewelry, scarves, purses and other accessories.

5. Home office

Source: id.mehomez.com

Beside garage, a home office is the second most ideal place to hang a pegboard. Almost every essentials we find in an office can be organized on a pegboard. Less clutter, increase productivity.

6. Kids’ Room

Source: etsy.com

It can be one of the basic lessons to teach your kids about. Teach them how to start and display their collections neatly. Some toys that can be hung stored there are old pins, wind-up toys, and others.

7. Craft Room

Source: wearefound.com

This one is also well-suited room for a pegboard. The organization and arrangement can be beautiful as art.



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