7 Small Kitchen Storage Ideas to Organize Food Storage Containers

Raise your hands if you love purchasing Tupperware or other food storage containers. There have been so many times collecting those products until you don’t realize that they have been taken over your entire kitchen. Having your kitchen in kind of mess must make your day heavier, as you struggle more to get what you need. The following small kitchen storage ideas will give you some hacks to organize your food storage containers so you won’t get mad every time getting your dinner leftovers and you cannot even find a fit container.

Organizing your food storage containers are handsomely saving you money and time in the long way run. These following small kitchen storage ideas are even easier as the supplies you need to do this organization project are at home. So, here we go!

1. Stack Lids Vertically

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Use a plate rack to stack them vertically. You can arrange and divide them by size. After everything is well-organized, place them inside the cabinet or on top of kitchen counter. Anywhere as long as you make them tidy, they won’t get your eyes sore.

2. Book Bins As Dividers

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Turn the cloth book bins on their sides as you can start using them as the dividers of your plastic containers according to their sizes. Make sure that the book bins you use fit in the cabinet or drawers, so your business is done!

3. Tension Rods

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Use this item to keep your lids from getting out of hand. Tension rods fit to any size drawer, so you can prop up a stack of several lids.

4. Drawer Dividers

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This piece is used to separate lids and containers.

5. A Pegboard

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This one does not only belong to the garage, as you can use it to keep your containers in place. Assemble one inside your kitchen drawer and you will see every food storage tidy and within reach.

6. A Hidden Magazine Rack

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Beside a magazine rack, a file sorter will do the same. Install one inside your cabinet door so it will be hidden but within reach. Do not forget to make sure that your organizer has big enough holes for the hooks.

7. A Cereal Box

Source: kimkatrinmilan.com

This hack is the quickest and cheapest among all. If you and your family eat lots of pasta, cereal, or anything comes in a box, then small kitchen storage hack will get easier. Recycle some and cut them off the top and one corner, so you get a magazine-style organizer.



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