8 Easy Nautical Bathroom Ideas on Trend 2020 You Will Ever Love

Nautical bathroom ideas are loved by almost everyone, mostly those loving beach and sand. But, most are afraid creating their bathroom too bold and boring. Instead of busy declaring the impossibility while decorating one without an interior designer involved, you may take a look at the following tricks.

Basically, there are three easy steps to get the real nautical bathroom:

1. Blue Paint

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The maritime life is connected to the blue color, such as the blue waters of the sea. As there are various hues of blue, choose one with the intensity you wish to have. Besides painting your wall, choosing the blue tiles for bathroom floor and some parts of bathroom walls are interesting.

2. Circular Mirrors

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The most noticeable part of the ships everyone acknowledge is the porthole, or often called as the bull’s eyes. Those are circular windows to let in the light and air into the ship. Bring those ship vibe by adding the circular mirror mimicking the porthole.

3. Maritime Accessories

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There are various maritime accessories to choose for Nautical bathroom ideas, including steering wheels, anchors, seashells, sails, corals, and so on. These accessories can be used as a highlighter as they contain some color shades, like red, orange, green and yellow.

As for the decorations, there are endless options to choose from:

4. Starfish And Corals

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This natural decor cannot be skipped. Glue the starfish on the wall, while the corals on the cabinet to instantly get the nautical vibe inside your bathroom.

5. Nautical Candles

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Have you ever heard about this one before? You can create this one by doing a simple DIY project. Take a glass and fill the sand in. Put in the candle inside, exactly in the middle of the glass. The finishing is about putting some small starfish, coral and seashell around the candle.

6. Nautical Arrow “Beach”

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Create a holiday atmosphere by bringing the “beach” arrow in your bathroom, specifically above your bathroom mirror. It boosts up your day faster.

7. Rope Towel Holder

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This may be the simplest one but it affects to the entire look of your bathroom. Bundle the ropes at each side of the hook to have a towel hung in there safely. There is no specific instruction to where you should install this one. So, play with your own imagination then.

8. Wood Crates

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If you are having nautical decorations, you may display them on the wood crate. Install those wood crated over the toilet to utilize the spare space.



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