8 Finishing Touches and Hints in Farmhouse Bedroom Décor You Must Do for Apartment

Perhaps you are country people at heart, so long after doing urbanization you need to remodel your apartment into farmhouse style, like farmhouse bedroom decor. An apartment in big city may not provide large enough but you can have those homey feel by applying this style.

And here are some finishing touches and hints you should take while decorating your room in farmhouse style:

1. A Tray On a Ottoman

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Instead of coffee table, Ottoman will do better to provide such farmhouse comfort in your small living room. Besides, an Ottoman is a double duty furniture, which is as a table and an extra seat. A wood or galvanized tray, a few candles and a small crock of flowers will improve the vibe around.

2. Vintage Ironstone in A Shelf

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You may have brought a collection of pretty plates, bottles or ironstone pitchers with you from your country. And why don’t you show them off? Mount a cubby shelf on the wall so you can display your collection of mini clocks, small pitchers, or even vintage glassware.

3. A Farmhouse Sign

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This is the simplest way to deal with a wall decor. Farmhouse bedroom decor always needs wall hangings to sharpen the style you want to share. Besides, the signs are your way to express the thoughts and ideas in a unique way.

4. Unusual Side Table

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The key is to be creative. You may skip your thoughts of a traditional four legged standard table this time. Go to thrift shops, flea market or antique shops to find unusual one. Everything matters, as long as it is unique and able to hold tray or glass.

5. A Harvest Of Fluffy Cotton

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Literally no farmhouse decor will complete without this one. Cotton is like a real symbol of farmhouse style that brings more and more memories back then. It has neutral tone so you can easily blend them to your existing furniture and decor. And this idea works for any seasons.

6. Open Shelving

Source: santabarbaradesignhouseandgardens.com

In fact, this open shelving is not a must. If you are fortunate having a blank wall inside your bedroom, add this extra storage. You can put and display anything you want, such as books, pictures, flower vase, and so many other.

7. Layer Quilts and Pillows

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Texture always speaks of farmhouse bedroom decor. To get an extra warmth and layered look, a textured creamy-beige quilt will be most acceptable. Any farmhouse colors are welcome, including the mix of gray, beige and taupe.

8. A Hint Of Greenery

Source: xaydungvinh.com

A farmhouse is about a rural live, which relates to natural greeneries, such as leaves, grass and other growing things.



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