8 How to Organize Kitchen Counter Shelf with Less Budget

Counter space is not only for cooking, but also as extra storage for daily ingredients and tools. That is the reason why the counter space is one feature with most traffic in the kitchen. Kitchen counter shelf is almost easy to get clutter and dirty. So, here are some ideas to keep your Kitchen counter shelf stylish and clutter free.

1. Pretty Canisters

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You should not leave sugars and flours in their original packaging for they just give a cluttered look. Besides, make sure they are within reach and spare some counter space for non-perishables as well. The containers you may use are elegant glass jars or opaque stainless canisters. Both provide a tidy look.

2. Create A Cohesive Look

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Start by layering the cutting boards against the backsplash. Next, to store olive oil, lathe utensils and spices, a white serving tray is a great choice. This tray will help you at ease reaching the tools you need.

3. Add Some Organizers Into Your Drawers

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This idea will create more space. Buy some new items, like a spice rack or an in-drawer knife block.

4. Repurpose A Towel Bar

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Though this is kind of simple solution but it takes major advantage to your counter. What is the side of your counter for? Most of you must say nothing. Utilize this spot wiser by installing a bathroom staple with some S-hooks. So you can hang some pans and pots (the ones that are pretty enough to be hidden).

5. A Cake Stand By The Sink

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Can you imagine this idea before? Kitchen counter shelf will look prettier having a cake stand by the sink to store sink-side soaps and dishrags.

6. A Cute Toaster

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As this is item you use on daily basis, you should make sure their appearance is interesting to look at. It might be in a pleasing color or shape, and keep the surrounding tidy. This idea works for both toaster and blender.

7. Utensils To Match

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If you intend to store the ladles, spatulas and other tools in a canister, choose the ones that look pretty in a group. The neat and stylish arrangement can be got by arranging these into a put-together feel.

8. Double Duty Backsplash

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You can fill the backsplash with pegboard to make it as a super flexible storage and beautiful background.

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Kitchen counter shelf is holding so many items and sometimes you don’t even remember to name it one by one. But by the right and proper organization, you will get them look beautiful and more functional.



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