3 Backyard Pergola Ideas and Designs: Attached, Freestanding and Hybrid Pergolas

Basically, there are three fundamental pergola designs; attached, freestanding and hybrid. In this modern era, the most popular are attached and freestanding pergolas. As hybrid pergola is very rare but you may find one. Before deciding which of the backyard pergola ideas you want to use, you have to understand each other better.

1. Attached Pergolas

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This one is defined as a pergola that is attached to the wall of your home or structure. That attachment supports one side of pergola, usually using a ledger beam lag that is screwed directly into the wall. While the other side of pergola (the ones that are not attached) are supported by beams. This design is less expensive compares to other designs. You can find it practical in a construction perspective and a light perspective. Furthermore, always check your local bylaws and construction codes. As in some localities, someone needs a permit to build one and will get additional tax rate for his home. But if your pergola is located 6” from the wall and not anchored to your wall (in any way), you will not get additional taxes not a permit.

2. Freestanding Pergolas

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This one has four posts as it is not attached to any other structure. Before building one, you have to make sure that your freestanding pergola is properly anchored. And avoid anchoring your pergola posts to paving stones. This is non-acceptable method. If you have a large backyard, this one is the most suitable among other backyard pergola ideas. As this one has no limitation in its size, height and orientation. As mentioned before, always consider the municipal laws. Learn whether there is a minimum amount of space needed between your property line and pergola?

3. Hybrid Pergolas

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You may never see this one as it is completely rare. A hybrid one combines the features and benefits of both attached and freestanding pergolas. By building this one, you have an area under the pergola maximized.

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Every part of the pergolas has different case and needs the expert advice as an experienced problem solver. So, if you have certain issue dealing with your backyard pergola ideas, you should call professional near you. Ask them what you need and the issue you face right now. Sure they will help alot. And to be certain, there is almost a moment to learn from the expert. Whatever they say and show, keep it in mind so you gain your knowledge for further pergola issues.



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