3 Measure the Function and Aesthetic Features Before Do the DIY Desk Project

Building a DIY desk will be a remarkable furniture at home or office. Besides, you will get the satisfaction of building something in the process. Whether it is with a few volunteers you can round up. Whatever the desk you want to build, you must make sure to consider and measure one and other things, such as the exact style of desk to build.

Keep the ball rolling and see what you will get through this article on your project.

1. The Design

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Here, we want to give you some ideas of the designs you may like.

  • Standard desk. This is the basic desk you may need. This is a desk where you set your monitor, keyboard and mouse to get your job done immediately. The function is the main purpose, while aesthetic is coming later.
  • Standing desk. This one is commonly favorite among others. Modern people tend to love this one due to recent studies mention that standing for some part of the day is healthier than sitting for eight hours a day. So, most people choose this design due to healthy issue rather than design.
  • L-shape this is the best choice if you have two open walls and need to make extra space for your papers, projects, etc.
  • Wrap around desk. If you have a large room and mostly work with multiple computers on at once, this once should never be skipped.

2. The Material

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Once you decide to do a DIY desk project, you must see the material.

  • Reclaimed wood. If you want to totally build your own desk, this material works best for you. Find the local reclaimed wood and build your table (according to whatever design you intend), and you will get a unique and rough aesthetic desk. This material does not need a sleek or clean paint at the finishing as others materials do.
  • Concrete top. If you love more industrial look, this one would fit to your standard. You can combine the structure with the reclaimed wood while the top is made of concrete.

3. The Desk High

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Besides considering the beauty, the function matters either. The standard total height for a desk (and a table) in the US is 30”. This standard gives you the ideal position if you are of average height and sitting on a chair with a standard height, which is 17-19”. If you get it too confusing, you can find an ideal height by adjusting a chair to where it feels comfortable with your arms are relaxing at both sides.



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