3 Secrets to Improve Your Visibility and Unique House Numbers

Unique house numbers do not only require the best style, but also the visibility. Unique house numbers need to build the first impression to the visitors at the first glance, especially when they are looking for your address. In this article, we will share some tricks to improve your house numbers visibility and aesthetic.

1. The Size of House Number VS The Distance From The Street

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This is the first secret you must understand. Measure the distance between your house number and the middle of the street. Once you have it, select the proper size of house number to the clearer readability. It is not always the large ones, you can go with the following guidelines:

Distance from the street’s midpoint to house number Recommended minimum height of house number The size will be unreadable at distances greater than..
0-69 feet 3” or larger 100 feet
70-110 feet 4” or larger 150 feet
111-132 feet 5” or larger 175 feet
133-160 feet 6” or larger 200 feet
161-300 feet 8” or larger 350 feet
301-385 feet 10” 450 feet


2. The Contrasting Colors or Finish

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The aim of this act is to improve your house number’s visibility. Do not apply similar color of the background and the house number color/ finish. In the distance, this will be hard to see. The recommendation of highest contrast colors are including black, white, red, and other metallic colors.

3. The Right Font Style

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The type pf your font affects to the visibility of your house number more than you imagine. You may love the decorative style font, but it decreases the visibility of your address. Avoid using decorative, script fonts, thin font style and serif-style fonts. It is no need to force the font to mimic the style of your home style. For example, if your home style is Victorian, you should not choose the decorative Victorian fonts. You better try another font style as the unique house numbers aim to help visitors finding the right address easier. Furthermore, it is not only your guests will be coming but on certain cases, the emergency response personnel while a crisis is happening at your residence. So, this font and style should be considered deeper. Beside the style, spacing between house numbers is another crucial thing to be considered. Do not mount the house number too close to each other. You better separate addresses, such as “3” “2” “5”.



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