4 Strategic to Choose Backyard Lighting Ideas to Your Small and Large Outdoor with Minimal Cost

Backyard lighting ideas can be some simple candle holders to high-powered spot lighting. Each lighting fixture has different characteristic and it should be considered according to your outdoor size and access to power. For small seating area needs simpler solution, such as solar lights that do not require electricity. On the contrary, the larger size of outdoor, the more powerful lighting options you need, such as electric powered string lights, etc.

The following are some example you may follow:

1. Illuminated Log Pathway Lights

Source: Pinterest.com

We will get it so beautiful and romantic seeing the light shines through the crack. You can apply this idea for your backyard scene. By the day, they look like ordinary garden stools; but as night comes down, the golden glow will make your garden looks like a fairyland with such radiating light. Since the logs are natural, so each has different shape. That is why each provides a unique look.

2. Hanging Tea Light Candle Chandelier

Source: joecatherine.com

If you like doing a DIY project, this is one of the best DIY Backyard lighting ideas you must try. This simple creation is made of small glass jars and a couple of glasses of wine. You can create a chandelier using some rope and hang them on an overhanging bough. As this one does not require wiring, so it is okay to place it anywhere.

3. Moroccan Inspired Lantern

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This step lighting provides such a luxurious and traditional ambiance that will blow your mind. If you have travelled to those exotic lands or dream of them, why don’t you display your affections to them by creating this kind of lantern on your backyard? All you need is just to put the stairs of your deck with beautiful grillwork lanterns in various colors and sizes. The exotic Moroccan ambiance will transform a boring backyard into something magnificent and Aladdin-like vibe. You can even create an outdoor party with Arabian night theme using this style of light. Sure it will awe your family and guests.

4. Under The Tree String Lights

Source: Pinterest.com

If you have outdoor seating on your backyard, why don’t you create such a dreamy getaway by installing the string lighting in the trees? Do some activities with your loved ones in this outdoor living space. Add a swinging chair with cushions and serve a meal at your picnic table. Is it not tempting enough to bring your summer night more delightful? Anyone would love spending night time in here.



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